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Oberettes Cottage opens from mid June to the end of October and offers cosy nights either in separate rooms or the spacey Lager, which are an experience of their own.

Alpine Club members

Half board  
Four-bed room with bath 75 Euro
Rooms (4, 6, 8) 65 Euro
Lager (10, 13) 55 Euro
0-2 years free
3-5 years 30 Euro
6-13 years 40 Euro
14-17 years 50 Euro

Not member of any Alpine Club

Half board  
Four-bed room with bath 87 Euro
Rooms (4, 6, 8) 77 Euro
Lager (10, 13) 67 Euro
0-2 years free
3-5 years 42 Euro
6-13 years 52 Euro
14-17 years 62 Euro

For reservation please give us a call at +39 0473 830280
during summer time or write a message to
Halb-Board (HB) includes a proper 3-course dinner and a rich breakfast.

floor shower: 4,00 Euro (per person)
Please keep in mind: we're located almost 2700 mts above sea level, so taking a hot shower is a luxury up here!

For a comfortable feeling in the basically equipped but lovely resting-places please don´t forget your cottage sleeping bag. Doing so, you´ll help to avoid loads of blankets to be washed and therefore protect our beautiful environment. If necessary you can borrow it from us (4,00 EUR).

Hut rules

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