Welcome to Oberettes Cottage!

Because of technical problems, please call this number 0473-424451 or the already known cell-number (+39 340 6119441). Thanks!

Weisskugel [White Rock], Baerenbartkogel [Bear´s Beard Mountain], Rabenkopf [Raven´s Head], Saldurspitz und -seen [Saldur Peak and Saldur Lakes]… Alpine trails and Hiking around Oberettes Cottage.

Starting from us you´ll conduct your trip to the “secret queen” of the Oetz Valley Alps: Weisskugel [White Rock] 3.739 mts. Further glacier tours which have their beginning at our place, are Innerer and Aeusserer Baerenbartkogel [Inner and Outer Bear´s Beard Mountain], Saldurspitz [Saldur Peak] as well as Ramudl [untranslateable…], and many more. Leaving our cottage behind, you hike beside mystic lakes althrough the unique landscape of the Matsch Valley. The approach to the cottage occurs either on a newly established trail or via the Matscher Hoehenweg [Matsch Altitude Path]. Move it up to Oberettes! The cottage inbetween Matsch Valley, Langtaufers Valley, and Schnals Valley is just right for taking a trip to the mountains: glacier tours or family hikes – or even your South Tyrol holidays at a lovely place of the Oetz Valley Alps.

Thanks to Andi for the translation!